Bringing the Old Girl Back to Life

We did it! After 23 years of the horrors of renting, we actually did it and bought our very own little home.

Years of renting had locked us pretty firmly into the rental trap, paying £800 a month for renting a simple family terrace, several layoffs and other crisis along the way, and the vast sums required for deposits had long since led us to abandon all hope of ever being able to really call a place our own.

The launch of the Help to Buy scheme brought the possibility of a purchase within tantalising distance, and so we scratched together from cards and loans and iffy promises juuuuuuust enough, (and I do mean just enough) to get ourselves over the line to owning a modest, scruffy, dirty little terraced home. It needed a lot of work, even more love, but the dream was finally a reality!

The old girl in question was a Victorian terrace, on an oddly quiet street in a busy city. She was rented for a long time, and years of neglect had left her shabby and characterless. She was however fantastically extended at the back, offering a huge shell of a back room that had all of the building gruntwork done to be turned into a fantastic huge open plan kitchen / dining / living room in the future.

With ambition in our eyes and a measure of doom in our tummies we pushed and pushed and pushed the sale through.

The old girl was ours, and ready to be brought back to life!


Mmmm homely