Bombshell and the Garden of Doom

It is mind blowing how long the process of buying a home can take. Banks with a backlog of applications, solicitors who pop off on holiday on a yacht for 6 weeks and leave no one with the brains to fax a vital document (the seller’s, not ours), surveyors who are overly picky even though you made it clear you were buying a ‘fixer-upper’ they agree you’re paying 5% under market value for. In spite of the house previously being a rental offering a chain-free sale, the process took an impressive 6 months.

What was initially a shabby courtyard garden when we put our offer in, became a derelict jungle of chin high weeds and foxy poo by the time we gained the keys (key) to our new home.

Welcome to the jungle, we’ve got fun and games!

The abandoned rotting cabinet wreckage we assume came from the ‘kitchen’ makes an ‘attractive’ feature

On the plus side, the yard is hot, sunny, and utterly private, something in very short supply in a city. Not quite a yard, not quite a garden. A ‘yarden’ if you will. Now all we have to do is graft until this becomes our own city oasis yarden of power!

Ta daaaaa! My mini pear tree! That ought to do it!

Yup, stunner! That’s done it!
OK, maybe not! Let the yardening adventures begin……..