Low Cost Family Euro Roadtrip Challenge

Passportsssssss! After almost 10 years together as a little family, we have finally attained a full collection of Bombshell family passports! I’m going to confess, I thought the Channel Tunnel would be a LOT more expensive than it actually is. A train to France and back for less than a rush hour train to London and back? How did we not know this?!?! Excitedly, the boss of me scours the Air BnB site for European destinations and our road trip is planned. We are taking the nipper on a Euro Roadtrip of dreams!

Our trip will be hugely on a budget, and will fit in as many larfs as a family of 3 can cram into a rickety Peugeot Expert. We’ve never all travelled together out of the UK before or used Air BnB, so we are flying without a safety net all the way!

The cunning plan has been booked thussly;

  • Monday – Drive accross the UK (further than usual- don’t ask) through the tunnel, and overnight in Brussels, Belguim
  • Tuesday – Have Brussels fun, then drive to Cologne, Germany
  • Wednesday – Hang out in Cologne
  • Thursday – Drive to Luxemburg. Basically we noticed we could fit in another country so are gonna take a look.
  • Friday – Driving to Paris, France. All the general tourist stuff of course
  • Saturday – Fun day in Paris and then finish near to the tunnel
  • Sunday – An early train back to the UK (later in the day was WAYYYY too spendy)

With a small volume of Euros in our palms but a large bonce full of dreams, we set off to see if we could fulfil our self set low cost family road trip challenge.

To the van! And adventures!

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