Southsea Food Festival and Paint Jam

The Food Festival is one of Southsea’s best summer events, with a fantastic range of fresh local produce, hot and delicious world foods, and oodles of booze (a standard prerequisite of a Portsmouth and Southsea event).

This year there was a welcome influx of gin vendors and distillers, generously distributing samples and advice, and in return selling bottles more quickly than they could serve. “Next time we need to bring more bottles and staff” laughed a stall holder “we didn’t realise how much Southsea people like gin”.


So I did buy *some* food……… a lovely quince jelly. I need a new t-shirt “I went to the Food Festival and all I got was this lousy gin”.

Happily the tall man proved why he is always in charge, but particularly when it comes to food shopping by picking up some delicious British rose veal, local goats cheddar, and hand feeding me wonderful Thai leek pancakes until I sobered up somewhat!

The Wedgewood rooms hosted a great array of local musicians as usual, the Urban Vocal-Group really stopping the foot traffic, drawing a huge crowd. It was also wonderful to stray accross a terrific paint jam in the alley next to the high street, curated as usual by Southsea’s father to the exciting local street art scene Fark FK. There were some magical pieces appearing, and the vibrance really brought something extra to an already fantastic event.


A little post festival beach snooze……

Already can’t wait for next year, maybe with a little pledge to snarf some of the wonderful foods BEFORE enjoying the delicious local booze……. but can’t promise anything………




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